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Nellie Nampeyo Bowl

Nellie Nampeyo Douma was a daughter of Nampeyo of Hano. She was a sister of noted potters Annie Nampeyo and Fannie Nampeyo. She was the mother of noted potters Zella Nampeyo and Marie Koopee. She was also the great-grandmother of Jacob Koopee, Jr. She was known for her tightly painted designs and typically smaller vessels. Her pottery can be found in museums around the country, including at the Museum of Northern Arizona and the Heard Museum.

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Nampeyo, Nellie – Wide Bowl with Eagle Tail Designs

Nellie Nampeyo Douma was the second daughter of Nampeyo of Hano and a sister of Fannie Nampeyo and Annie Nampeyo.  This small bowl is coil built and painted with bee-weed for the black.  The design is an eagle tail design which has a very tightly painted appearance.  The design is repeated four times around the bowl.  It is traditionally fired with some blushes on the surface.  It is signed on the bottom, “Nellie Nampeyo”.  It is in good condition with no cracks, restoration or repair. There is a small inclusion on the side, which appears to be pre-firing.

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