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Group of uniquely shaped vessels by Charmae Natseway.

Group of uniquely shaped vessels by Charmae Natseway.

Charmae Natseway learned to make pottery from her mother, Ethel Shields. While she began making more traditional vessels, her work has evolved over the past decade to more non-conventional shapes for her "seedpots". She is one of the few potters who can create such unique forms and such flat surfaces. Charmae has won numerous awards for her pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market and other events. Her work is a striking blend of the contemporary with traditional designs.

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Natseway, Charmae – Fine-Line Seedpot with Star Designs (1987)

Charmae Natseway is known for her exceptional painted pottery and use of distinctive forms. This seedpot is thin-walled and painted with a series of interconnected stars.  There are eight-pointed stars which then connect to four pointed stars.  The top has an additional eight-pointed star.  The piece is signed on the bottom, “Charmae Natseway”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Charmae has long been exceptional in her painting and pottery forms.

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