JJ Otero (Navajo/Hopi) worked in IT for 25 years before moving into the art world full-time. He is known for his distinctive handmade jewelry. It’s not just the stones, or the stamping into the silver, but check out the bezels! They are distinctive to his jewelry and make each piece stand out!
Outside of a short stint painting, with some success, in 2010, JJ focused diligently on his musical craft, a true passion. JJ’s life was shaken up, and in 2016, he found himself moving back to the Navajo reservation, searching for a means to make a living. During this time of resetting, chores around the family home required JJ to be resourceful with materials such as wood, metal, and tools. His father, Chester, worked on a rickety table, barely holding up his chainsaws and chain sharpening equipment. JJ set out to find old 2×4’s and some screws and cobbled together a work bench and seat that his dad still uses today. More than a year and various woodworking projects later, his sister Cleo asked if he could make a cradleboard for her coming grandchild. That first cradleboard was the beginning of JJ’s career in the arts. JJ’s philosophy guides all things in his life: This moment is perfect and there’s nothing lacking. With this deep abiding fire, JJ continues to admire the texture and beauty of wood grain and continues to be amazed by the smell of freshly sawn wood. In addition, JJ’s unique stamping and texturing styles make his silverwork stand out, a newer passion in his ever-growing career!

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