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Pahphonee (Kickapoo) is known for her contemporary pottery. Her name means “Snow Woman”. She began making pottery in the early 1980s. She is a descendant of the Kickapoo and Potawatomi Nations, originally from the Great Lakes.

Pahponee is a self-taught artist who has re-learned the traditional pottery methods of her woodland culture. Her inspiration to make pottery came from a life-changing experience. She was taken to see a White Buffalo mother and her White Buffalo calf. White Buffalo are sacred to Native people. It was an auspicious occasion for her to be in their presence. After their meeting, Pahponee had a dream about a White Buffalo pottery vessel. She would keep dreaming of this one specific pot and other beautiful pots, but she did not know how to make them.

She has won numerous awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Indian Market. She has also been featured in numerous magazines.