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Jordan Roller Pottery

Jordan Roller holding a piece of his pottery, July 2014.

Jordan Roller

Jordan Roller is certainly one of the young potters to watch. He learned to make pottery from his grandmother, Toni Roller, and his father, Jeff Roller. He is also a great-grandson of noted Santa Clara Pottery Matriarch, Margaret Tafoya. When Jordan returned from college, he began making pottery with his Father, Brother and Grandmother full time.  His family all recognized his unique ability as a potter, and while he has been making pottery since he was a child, it is his recent work which has risen to a new level of sophistication in form, polish, carving and firing techniques.  His designs combine a contemporary versions of traditional Pueblo designs, with bold polished and mat decorations around the pot. His distinctive carving techniques combine wide spaces, and thinly carved lines provide a unique strength in each creation.

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Roller, Jordan – Brown Water Jar with Etched Mountain Design

Jordan Roller is innovative in his use of thin carved designs on his pottery.  This jar is a classic water jar shape with a round body and turned out neck. The jar is highly polished and traditionally fired brown. The firing creates the distinctive color variations on the surface. The neck of the jar is etched with a mountain pattern which appears as red in color.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.   Jordan is certainly a  young potter to watch!

$ 975.00
Roller, Jordan – Tall Jar with Mountain and Cloud Patterns

Jordan Roller is innovative in his use of thin carved designs on his pottery.  This jar combines a unique color combination along with the complex carving. The jar was originally polished tan and red along with areas which were matte.  Jordan then fired it brown, creating the distinctive coloration. The polished and matte areas took on two different colorations and they contrast with the matte areas. The design around the top of the jar is a cloud pattern.  Around the center is an alternating mountain and rain design. The tightly carved lines of the central section contrast with the larger, open section of the clouds around the neck.  This sophisticated technique is balanced with great shapes, creative designs and beautifully stone polished surfaces.  Jordan is certainly a  young potter to watch!

$ 1,400.00
Roller, Jordan – Rounded Rim Jar with Lightning Patterns

Jordan Roller uses traditional techniques to creates his modernistic vessels in clay. This jar is coil built, carved, stone polished and traditionally fired black. The shape is unique with a low sharp double shoulder when then curves in towards the neck and then back in again at the rim!  The style of carving has become one of Jordan’s key stylistic signatures.  He combines thin carved lines with larger, more bold patterned areas.  He will often simply use a folded piece of sandpaper to carve these thin lines!  There is a lightning pattern which bends and turns in a graffiti like style. Thin line carved arrows expand on a matte sun. The contrast of matte areas and stone polished surfaces adds to the overall flow of design.  Note as well the fully polished neck and the rounded rim which draws the eye down to the designed center.  Jordan is certainly a  young potter to watch! 

$ 1,400.00
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