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Wedding Vase by Geraldine Sandia

Geraldine Sandia is a daughter of Cecilia Loretto. She has been making pottery since around 1972 and is known for her classic deigns using matte and polished surfaces. Each piece is coil built and stone polished. She has won awards at Gallup Ceremonials and Santa Fe Indian Market.

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Sandia, Geraldine – Bowl with Feather Designs

Geraldine Sandia is known for her intricately painted Jemez pottery. This bowl is fully polished red.  It is painted with a tan clay on the top to create the feather design.  On the sides it is painted with a black slip for the rain and cloud patterns.  The use of the two different colors of clay on the highly polished surface is striking.  Nearly the entire surface of the bowl is painted!  The bowl is signed on the bottom in the clay.

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