Bobby Silas

Bobby credits learning to make pottery from Navasie.  His focus is to revive the Siktayki pottery of 1100-1600.  Hopi potters have never taken on the revival of the ancient Sikyatki pottery clay and firings.  Since 2015 Bobby has revived the Siktayki method of firing using lignite coal, which he acquires near First Mesa at Hopi.  The Sikayki pottery was fired with lignite, which burns longer and at a higher temperature than firing pottery with sheep manure.  After nearly 500 years, he has been experimenting with its revival.  His pieces are inspired by the Sikyatki polychrome and Jeddito black-on-yellow pottery.  Each piece is hand-coiled, painted with native clay slips, and a bee-weed plant variant.  Bobby has won awards for his distinctive and creative pottery.  We are pleased to have his work in our Scottsdale and Santa Fe Galleries.

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