Dena Suina was born at San Felipe Pueblo. She married into the Cochiti Pueblo in the 1980’s. She became interested in sculpting clay figures while observing her mother-in-law, Louise Suina, hand coil and hand paint her beautiful clay sculptures. Louise taught Dena the fundamentals of how to hand coil all types of sculptures using traditional methods. Dena has been working with clay art since 1991.

Dena specializes in handmade and hand painted contemporary storytellers. Dena’s unique style of storytellers is of a traditional Cochiti storyteller, but with crisp detailed lines, very small children and exquisite painting. All of her sculptures are hand coiled, hand pinched and hand painted. She makes a wide variety of sizes and adds very intricate detail to her clay sculptures. Dena has established herself as a fine artisan and continues to amaze collectors with her intricate efforts. She signs her pottery: Dena M. Suina, Cochiti/San Felipe Puebo, N.M.

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