Sherry Tafoya

Sherry Tafoya, a Santa Clara potter, is a granddaughter of noted potter Christina Naranjo, a daughter of Mida Tafoya and a nice of Teresita Naranjo and Mary Cain. She is known for her large vessels and complicated designs.  Sherry Tafoya was included in the original "7 Families in Pueblo Pottery" exhibit in 1974.  And she uses the traditional methods of hand coiling and shaping the pot, sanding, fine clay application then stone polishing before traditionally firing her works.  Her deep carved designs and exceptional polish are characteristic of her family tradition, but she has a specific fullness in designs that reflect the contrast of color and depth and polish.  We are pleased to carry Sherry's pottery and King Galleries and hope you will follow our new additions page as her works sell quickly.  Please feel free to call and see if we have any of her works coming up!

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