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Jason Takala

Jason Takala began making jewelry in 1966.  He is the nephew of Bernard Dawahoya and lives in the village of Shungopavi at Second Mesa. He is known for his classic double overlay jewelry in both silver and gold.  Each piece is designed and hand-cut into the silver and then two layers soldered together.

In the 1980s, he moved to Old Oraibi on the Hopi reservation, where his wife, Margie, had grown up. “After that, I started creating.  Everything is so calm there, and your mind goes to a different level. It all came to me then.  I take my direction from the silver. In a sense, it talks to me.”

Takala is known for his man-in-the-maze design, which represents man emerging from the center of the Earth and migrating to the four directions. All his intricate cutting is done by hand.  Each piece is signed on the back with his hallmark, which is a snow cloud.

I’m pleased to be representing Jason’s work in our gallery. My parents began working with him in the early 1980s at our gallery in Colorado. Now, almost 40 years later, we are again working together!