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Tom Tapia is one of the most renown potters from San Juan Pueblo, creating a very intricate style of incised pottery. He is a son of Leonidas Cata Tapia and the husband of potter Sue Tapia. He learned to make pottery from his mother. He has won numerous awards for his pottery at events such as Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Indian Fair.

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Tapia, Tom – Bowl with Katsina and Sun Medallions

This is a larger bowl by Tom Tapia.  It is highly polished and designed with four medallions.  One is a Sun, while the others are different katsina figures.  Separating the medallions are kivas with ladders.  Around the base is another katsina figure which encircles the piece and has feather and rain designs.  The bowl was fired black and then the reddish clay coloration is added after the firing.  It is this color combination for which Tom achieved recognition.  The bowl is signed, “Tom Tapia”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

$ 600.00
Tapia, Tom & Sue – Bowl with Sun and Kiva Opening

This bowl was made and polished by Sue Tapia and etched with designs by Tom Tapia.  It is a very intricate piece of his work as it is fully designed.  The shape of the bowl has a kiva step design on one side.  Around the shoulder is a water serpent and as the bowl is turned there is a Pueblo drummer and Deer Dancer.  The next scene is a Pueblo and bear fetish.  Below the kiva step carved rim is a sun design.  The reddish coloration is added after the firing.  The bowl is signed, “Tom & Sue Tapia”.   It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

$ 600.00
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