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In the 1980's Debra Trujillo (now Duwyenie) worked with Harvey Chavarria to make pottery. Their collaborative work earned them awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and Harvey also did silver work and even inset the clay pieces in this shape into necklaces!

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Chavarria, Harvey & Debra Trujillo – Flat Seedpot with Pueblo Dancer (1984)

This is an intricate seedpot by Debra Trujillo (Duwyenie) and Harvey Chavarria.   The seedpot has a pueblo dancer etched into the clay holding a medicine wheel. There is an inset piece of turquoise representing the belt buckle on the figure.  This round flat shape of seepot is one that was stylized by Debra & Harvey for their work.   The piece is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

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