Jennifer Sisneros Tse-Pe is a daughter of Dominguita Sisneros Naranjo from San Juan Pueblo. She was the second wife of Tse-Pe Gonzales of San Ildefonso. She was also married to Alfred E. Naranjo and is the mother of Alfred J. Naranjo. Jennifer Sisneros is not to be confused with Jennifer Tse-Pe, the daughter of Dora Tse-Pe from San Ildefonso Pueblo. Jennifer Sisneros was formerly marred to Tse-Pe, the son of Rose Gonzales. For a while, she assumed the married name Jennifer Tse-Pe. After her divorce, Jennifer returned to her maiden name, Jennifer Sisneros.

Jennifer’s style of pottery is influenced by Tse-Pe. She does redware with matte micaceous slip deigns. She also uses a green clay slip that was developed by Tse-Pe and refined by Russell Sanchez. Jennifer’s bear design looks similar to Tony Da’s bears with a sleek outline in profile. She makes mostly small jars and bowls.

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