Katherine VictorinoKatherine Victorino

Katherine Victorino

Katherine Victorino, daughter of accomplished Acoma Potter Monroe Victorino, began learning the art of pottery making at the very young age of nine years old.  She attributes her pottery education to her step-mother Beverly Garcia.  Katherine is full blood Acoma and has made pottery for her entire life.  Katherine says; “I started by filling in the lines for my step-mother, and gradually I learned the traditional methods of hand-coil construction and fine line painting (using only yucca brushes) well enough to make pottery full time at the age of twenty.”  By the time she was twenty her sole income was from producing pottery for sale.  Katherine paints in the ‘old designs’  in various olla shaped bowls. Such patterns include the sunflower, lightning, butterfly, feather, star fan, zig-zag, flower, Tularosa and other traditional patterns.  We are pleased to carry Katherine Victorino’s work at King Galleries and look forward to her promising future in traditional Acoma.

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