Evelyn Vigil (1921-95) was from Jemez Pueblo. Her name in Towa was “Phan-Un-Pha-Kee”, meaning “Young Doe”. She was fascinated with the revival of Pecos glazed pottery. Pecos was abandoned in 1838 and the last 38 residents moved to Jemez Pueblo. According to the New Mexico Historic Marker, she was a descendant of Pecos Pueblo.
Evelyn, along with her daughter Andrea Fragua and Juanita Toledo (also a Pecos Pueblo descendant), spent time beginning in 1975 volunteering at the Pecos Pueblo site. Their goal was to use the original clays, tempers, and firing techniques to create the famous Pecos glazed wares originally made from 1200-1700.
Evelyn did create glaze ware revival Pecos pottery during her career. It took her over five years of experimentation to create the glazes.

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