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Daryl Whitegeese

Daryl Whitegeese is the son of noted potter LuAnn Tafoya and the grandson of Santa Clara pottery family matriarch Margaret Tafoya.  Daryl has committed himself to creating classic Santa Clara pottery.  You can see the expert polish and shape his mother and grandmother handed him.  He creates traditional pottery where each vessel is coil built, sanded shaped, and carved, then stone polished and native fired.  He has built his reputation on reviving historic shapes and designs in his pottery and a distinctive style of carving and highly polished surfaces.  He has won numerous awards for his pottery over the past several years at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Indian Market.  At Santa Fe Indian Market, he was awarded the "Utilitarian Pottery" special award.  In 2014 Daryl won "Best of Pottery" at the Heard Indian Market.  In 2019 he won "Best of Pottery" at the Heard Indian Market.

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