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Lorraine Williams

Lorraine Williams is one of the great innovators among Navajo potters. Lorraine married George Williams in 1977. George is the son of Rose Williams, one of the best-known Navajo potters. Lorraine was adept at making beads and sand paintings, and she was a weaver. “But when I married George, I saw pottery with new eyes.” Her new eyes led to Lorraine’s beginning with clay about 1980. Ultimately, Lorraine would make the largest pots produced at Navajo today.  She has created her own unique pottery style incised with traditional rug and Navajo designs, then painted and native fired. After the piece is fired, it is covered in pine pitch, typical of all traditional Navajo pottery harkening back to when it was utilitarian. Lorraine has won numerous awards for her pottery and has been featured in books such as “A Legacy of Generations.”

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