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Oglala means “to scatter one’s own” and they are one of the seven subtribes of the Lakota Nation. A majority of the Oglala live on the Pine Ridge and belong to the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Many Oglala reject the term “Sioux” due to the hypothesis that its origin may be a derogatory word meaning “snake” in other Native American languages.
There are three diverse geographic regions within the Pine Ridge reservation. The southern and eastern sections consist of picturesque grassy plains. The west-central part merges with the small eastern spurs of the Black Hills. The result is an area of rolling pine-covered hills and ridges, providing the inspiration for the name Pine Ridge. To the north of the wooded area is approximately 160,000 acres of the Badlands National Park. The reservation borders the Nebraska state line to the south, Rosebud Indian Reservation to the east and Badlands National Park to the north. The tribal headquarters is in the town of Pine Ridge, but the reservation includes the communities of Kyle, Oglala, Manderson, Porcupine, Wanblee and Long Valley.