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Zane Smith, Jamie – “Dogwood Burl” Melon Seedpot

Jamie is one of the few potters who can create such stunning organic shapes and surfaces with his clay.  This seedpot is coil built and then the walls are impressed to create the melon “swirl” appearance.  The piece has an almost undulating sense of motion on the surface.  However, it is th surface which is so striking!  Jamie carves paddles out of wood with designs which he then empresses into the surface of the clay.  The piece has the surface of a dogwood burl.  There is a nearly realistic feel to the texture of the piece, as it it was actual wood.  Amazing.  The mouth of the bowl is sanded and made to look like it is leather!  Jamie has also carved a cherry wood burl base as a stand for the piece.  Jamie continues to impress with his innovative, creative and modernistic vessels.

$ 1,800.00
Zane Smith, Jamie – Iroquois Inspired Water Jar

Jamie Zane Smith creates dynamic pieces which combine strong forms with stamped surface designs. This striking jar is made with Oklahoma clay and coil built.  Jamie carves a stamp out of wood and uses that to texture his pottery.  This jar has a water swirl pattern to complement the water jar form.  The rim has swirl carved designs extending down the neck.  The top is carved in a traditional Iroquois style cooking vessel with the square edged sections on the top.  It’s the surface which is most interesting.  It is polished to give it the appearance of leather!  The inside of the neck is also fully burnished. The jar is thin walled and beautifully constructed.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.  Jamie brings together a multitude of dimensions in his work blending the historic past with his modern visions.  Jamie remains one of the young creative potters bringing life to the clay in an area outside the southwest.

$ 1,800.00
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