Garcia, Tammy – “How the West was One”, Bronze, 3/9

16.5"w x 14.5"h

$ 18,000.00

Tammy Garcia is known for her amazing pottery, as well as the creativity of her bronzes.  What happens when one of her major pieces cracks before it is finished?  Tammy decided she would use the massive jar to create an equally massive bronze of her pottery.  The shape and design on this piece are striking!  The rim is carved and around the neck, there is a feather pattern.  Around the body of the jar are carved bears with heartlines and avanyu. Mixed with these various designs are her classic stylized geometric patterns. The bronze has a colorful patina that accentuates the bear, avanyu, and feather patterns.  Sorry about the “spinner” under the jar in the photos, but as you can imagine it weighs quite a bit and that made it easier to turn!  The piece is 3/9.