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Effie and Orville Garcia

Effie and Orville Garcia

Effie Garcia Feather Bowl1a Effie & Orville Garcia are known for their deep carved pottery and traditional designs. Effie and Orville work together on their pottery. Their pottery has a distinctive form with a narrow base and wide shoulder. The carving is always deep, clean and outlined with an additional clay slip. Effie is a daughter of Victoria Gutierrez, and a granddaughter of Rosita Velarde and Faustina Gutierrez. She is also a sister of Sally Gutierrez, Eugene Gutierrez and Ethel Yazza. Effie & Orville have won numerous awards for their pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market and other events.

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Garcia, Effie – Bowl with Plant Design

Effie Garcia is known for her deeply carved Santa Clara pottery. Each piece is coil built, carved, stone polished and traditionally fired.  This bowl has her classic shape with a narrow base and wide shoulder.  Around the sides are four flowers carved deeply into the clay.  Each of the flowers has additional leaf patterns and the overall carved areas are outlined in clay, giving it a matte appearance.  The bowl is highly polished and signed on the bottom.

$ 450.00
Garcia, Effie – Bowl with Rain, Lightning and Mesa Designs

This  bowl by Effie Garcia is deeply carved and highly polished.  It has a rain, lighting and mesa design which is carved into the clay. The design is then outlined with a clay slip and the remainder of the bowl is highly polished.  It is fired a deep black.  The high polish and angle from the shoulder make her work distinctive. It is signed on the bottom in the clay.


$ 400.00
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