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Jason Garcia

Jason Garcia is a son of noted potter Gloria "GoldenRod" Garcia and the nephew of Minnie Vigil, Thelma Talachy, Lois Gutierrez and Tina Garcia. He has won numerous prestigious awards for his tiles at Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum Market and he has been featured in books and magazine articles on Native pottery. In he was 2007 Dubin Fellowship recipient at the School of American Research in Santa Fe. Jason's innovative style and artwork in clay continues to make him one of the young leaders in Pueblo art. In 2016 he won "Best of Paintings" at Santa Fe Indian Market.

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Garcia, Jason – Four Corn Maidens Box

Jason Garcia is known for his tiles, he also creates a few boxes and jars each year.  This box is one that has four Corn Maidens painted, with one on each side.  They are painted in the old “two-dimensional” style of Santa Clara art and each of the Corn Maidens represents a different direction (North, South, East, West) based on the color (Blue, Red, White, Yellow).  In one hand she is holding corn and the other a basket of cornmeal.  On the ground are stylized corn plants and there is a corn design on each of the dresses.  The detail in this box is fantastic, with even small detailed created with the clay. The box is made of native clay and he uses native clay slips for the colors.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay “Okuu Pin” which is Jason’s name in Tewa (which means Turtle Mountain).  The piece is certainly inspired by the work of San Ildefonso painter Gilbert Atencio and his Blue Corn Maiden (see last photo).

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Garcia, Jason – “Summertime” Tile

This tile by Jason Garcia is part of his Corn Maiden series which features young women in traditional dress for the Corn Dance and placing them in a modern context.  This tile has two Tewa women relaxing in the river during the summer.  The pueblo can be seen in the background and there is the traditional rain cloud in the sky.  Each piece is a hand built clay tile, made from native clay.  All of the colors are derived from Native clay.  Jason has won numerous awards for his pottery and paintings, including “Best of Paintings” at Santa Fe Indian Market in 2016!

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