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Johnathan Naranjo

JOhnathan NaranjoJohnathan Naranjo

Johnathan Naranjo (b.1987) is a son of noted potter Forest Naranjo and a grandson of Bernice Naranjo. While he began making pottery as a child, it is really over the past few years that his work has evolved into his distinctive style. Each piece is coil built and stone polished, and the coloration is derived from the firing, as it is taken out of the manure, that would turn it black, early so that it remains a darker brown. The designs are then incised into the clay, and the various colorations of tan or red are created by the depth of cutting into the clay. Johnathan Naranjo has been noted and awarded for his incredible work over the years, with such awards as: 2013 The “Tony Da” award at Santa Fe Indian Market; 2014 Best of Category 1st Place Santa Fe Indian Market; 2015, Best of Category and Pottery 2nd Place Heard Indian Market, Southwest Indian Art Fair, Arizona State Museum Legacy Award, 1st Place Best of Category, Santa Fe Indian Market, and 2016, 2nd Place Pottery at Heard Indian Market and 1st Place Best of Category at Santa Fe Indian Market.