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Kevin is a son of noted potter Geri Naranjo and a brother of Monica Romero. He is known for the realism of his etched pottery and over the years has won numerous awards for his pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Market.

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Naranjo, Kevin – Bowl with Bear and Eagle Designs

Kevin Naranjo creates beautifully incised pottery with realistic scenes.  This miniature jar is amazingly intricate with designs. The rim has cloud pattern and below that is an eagle feather design.  There is a central medallion with a realistic bear. Around the side of the bowl as it is turned there is an eagle, bear paw tracks and at the very bottom an avanyu (water serpent).  To accentuate his designs Kevin creates sienna areas in contrast to the black. This highlights the rim, bear paw tracks and eagle.  The bowl itself is very highly polished which gives added dimension to the designs.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.

$ 425.00
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