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al qoyawaymaAl Qoyawayma

Al Qoyawayma has created two distinctive styles of Hopi pottery. The first style embodies figurative sculpted reliefs using the repousse' technique, combined with traditional coil construction and tactile stone polished surfaces. The resulting contemporary Hopi pottery calls forth images of the Southwest with its subtle mix of desert hues, creating an interplay of light and shadow, so reminiscent of the Hopi land. This land and the essence of his ancient relatives nurtures and inspires the artist.

The second is one that is polychrome and a “futuristic” version of Sikyatki pottery from the 1500s. The pieces are carved and slipped with various clay colors.  The precision of the carving and the contrasting colors make this style visually dynamic.

Al writes of himself:

“I am of the second generation of Hopi beyond the broken pattern, a pattern, a way of life utterly foreign to the western world. With the full influence of western civilization, I am the product of two worlds. Out of our family clan, the Coyote Clan, it was said that we would be the generation to meet the new world and make a change that was our ancient role as the Coyote Clan….to be those who go before. It is only natural that one of our necessary survival skills, as exhibited at our old ancestral, should be adapted to today’s world of art. Through the gentle hand and guidance of a beautiful teacher, my aunt Polingaysi, I learned the basic techniques and philosophy I now use in my pottery creations.

My clay creations reflect the southwest environment's aesthetic influences and values passed down through our family. Form, textures, contrasts, shadow, the softness of desert color hues are foremost in my work. Oral history and research provide me with themes that continually emerge, which identity who we were and is a profound pursuit. At the same time, my repoussé technique offers a “contemporary” style of ceramics. A particular tradition does not restrict me; instead, I’m free to innovate. I find myself trying to “reach” in my creative pursuit, as I strive to bring into focus those things, human and spiritual, just beyond my reach. Creativity will always be my challenge."

Al Qoyawayma won "Best of Pottery" at the 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market and "Best of Pottery" at the 2017 Heard Indian Market.

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