Qoyawayma, Al – 16″ Wide Sikyatki Jar with Bear

16"w x 6"h

$ 14,000.00

This is a large wide shoulder jar by Al Qoyawayma.  It is coil-built and thin-walled.  The jar is the classic Sikyatki shape with a wide shoulder.  The jar is stone polished in a vertical or “onion skin” manner.  This creates a strong visual of the polish lines extending out from the mouth of the jar.  The piece has a large stylized bear in matte relief as the design.  The bear is created in “reppousse” or pushed out from the inside, NOT applique. This is very much in the style of his aunt, Elizabeth White.  The bowl is simple and elegant with an emphasis on the form and contrast of matte and polished surfaces.  The jar is signed, “Al Qoyawayma”.  This is a new piece from 2022.