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EJ Guarino’s “Collector’s” Blog

January 2014

King Galleries is pleased that Edd Guarino has been a part of our website since 2007!  The opinions stated in his columns are his and do not necessarily reflect those of the gallery or its artists.  What started out as a few articles a year is now a monthly blog.  The past articles have led to magazine articles and inclusion in several museum exhibitions.  Edd  has been collecting Pueblo pottery and Inuit art for almost thirty years.  His collection has been featured in Museum exhibits, and he has written on collecting in magazines such as Native Peoples.  He has been asked to write on any topic he chooses, and we will post them online.   We are excited that this may be come a forum to facilitate communication about Pueblo pottery and Native art.  You are welcome to respond to us at kgs@kinggalleries.com or directly to Edd, at EddGuarino@AOL.com or now you can just post a comment!


2 Responses to EJ Guarino’s “Collector’s” Blog

  1. Edd Guarino /

    February 8, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for your wonderful comment, Ric. It is much appreciated. Thanks, too, for being such a wonderful fan of my column.

  2. Ric /

    February 8, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Looking forward to and reading Edd’s monthly column has become part of my routine, as it should be for every serious collector. They are educational and entertaining as Edd uses his vast collection to illustrate various topics within the context of Native American art. But returning for more will quickly make evident that his REAL topic is the nature of artistic expression itself – an exploration of those truths that transcend ethnicity and make us who we are.

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