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The Chemehuevi (a Mojave term meaning “those that play with fish”), a branch of the Southern Paiute, have been persistent occupants of the Mojave Desert. Tribal Native Americans and nomadic residents of the Mojave Desert’s mountains and canyons and the Colorado River basin.

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Wildflower, Theresa – Mini Hopi Canteen

Theresa Wildflower was known for her miniature pottery.  Each piece was made as a miniature version of a larger vessel. This miniature canteen is painted with a Hopi style eagle tail and parrot design.   On the back side there is a very tiny eagle tail pattern.  The canteen is made so that it sits at an angle.  There is even a miniature wood stopper on the top!   The piece is signed on the bottom with her hallmark.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

$ 125.00
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