New Works Available Online Early AM October 16th – Reception in our Santa Fe Gallery from 1 – 3 PM

Featuring Nancy Youngblood and Russell Sanchez, in a reflection of two potters focusing on historic work from their families and giving it their interpretation. The work created by these two potters reflects on contemporary Native clay art as evolving and dramatically alive.

Russell Sanchez

Russell Sanchez (San Ildefonso Pueblo) has been reviving the historic San Ildefonso pottery over the past decade. Through recent research, the pottery of his great grandmother, Ignacia Sanchez, has been identified, and he is using her designs and forms.

Nancy Youngblood

Nancy Youngblood (Santa Clara Pueblo) is renowned for her carved melon bowl with deeply carved designs and high polish. Her work today involves taking those techniques and using them in a combination with new forms and inspired historic shapes.