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Calvin Analla, 2016

Calvin Alalla

Calvin Analla is the brother of noted potter Yvonne Lucas. He creates pottery in a classic Laguna style with variations on design and clay colors. Calvin is from the village of Paguate, just north of Laguna. He started creating pottery in 1990 while observing his paternal grandmother, Evelyn Cheromiah, and his aunt, Lee Ann Cheromiah.

Born in 1960, Calvin Analla Jr. uses traditional Pueblo pottery methods of collecting his clay near the Pueblo, hand coiling and scrap shaping each pot, but often uses a variation o clay color in is construction, giving an added dimension of marbled appearance.  He attributes this process to needing some additional clay, when his brother-in-law Steve Lucas offered him so lighter Hopi clay.  He modeled the two together and created the marbled clay construction.   After applying fine line and Pueblo designs to his pottery, Calvin also uses the traditional methods of open firing his work.