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Elizabeth Medina

Born on Jemez Pueblo and married into the Zia Pueblo, is the wife of Marcellus Medina.  Elizabeth was inspired by and taught to make pottery by her mother-in-law, Sophia Medina.  Elizabeth strives to design with the same style and enthusiasm as her Mother-in-law Sophia. She was granted permission by the Zia Pueblo Elders to make pottery in the Zia style and tradition early in her career and has made Zia style pottery most of her adult life. She continues today as one of the most accomplished Zia potters, continuing with the traditional styles, shapes, and methods.  Elizabeth has won numerous awards for her pottery at events such as Santa Fe Indian Market, and her work can be found in museums nationwide.

We are pleased to carry Elizabeth's work at both King Galleries in Scottsdale and Santa Fe, and of course a great selection here online.