Begay, Daniel – Square Jar with Bear, Waterfall and Polished Half (2019) Ribbon

6"w x 5.5"w x 5.5"h

$ 1,200.00

This is an oval jar by Daniel Begay.  The jar is coil-built, carved, stone-polished, and traditionally fired. The jar is half-designed and half plain. The plainware side is fully polished.  The half with the design has a carved bear, waterfall, and feathers. The half with the carving is matte in contrast to the polished side.  It is a creative use of shape, design, polished, and matte surfaces. His carving style has a beveled appearance to the angle of the cuts into the clay.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Daniel”.  It is from 2019 and it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  The jar has an Honorable Mention from the Heard Indian Market.