Begay, Jr., Harrison – 8″ Tall Jar with Heartline Bears, Hands, Feathers, and Flower Designs

6"w x 8"h

$ 2,100.00

This is an elaborate larger jar by Harrison Begay, Jr..  He has won numerous awards over the years for his deep carved pottery.  This jar has a tall shape and it is fully carved and the area around the neck is fully polished.  Around the jar are three heartline bears.  The next section has hands and flowers.  Finally, there is a section with eagle feathers above rainbows.  Separating the flowers and the hands is a vertical band that represents corn.  It is a fluid design that changes with each turn of the jar.  It is highly polished and fired to a glassy appearance.  The polished sections stand out more in contrast to the black matte areas.  Note as well the style of carving, which has a beveled appearance to the angle of the cuts into the clay. This is a very distinctive style of carving for his pottery.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Harrison, 20.”  His daughter Jamie also helped with the designs on the jar, so she added her initial as well. 

Harrison has said of his pottery:

“My favorite part of the process is just thinking about it. I sometimes dream about my pieces. I will jump up in the middle of the night and say, “This is what I want to do.  The hands are those of the Creator. I like to keep with the traditional shapes.  I really enjoy the results of polish and the matte areas contrasting against one another.”. Harrison Begay, Spoken Through Clay