Begay, Jr., Harrison – Jar with Heartline Bear and Eagle Feather Designs (2023)

5.5"w x 6"h

$ 1,100.00

Harrison Begay, Jr. has won numerous awards over the years for his deep-carved pottery.  This jar has a round shoulder and a short neck.  The neck and base of the jar are fully polished. The entire central area of the jar is fully carved. There is a heartline bear over carved eagle feathers.  As the jar is turned there are cloud, rain, and plant designs carved into the clay.  It is a striking use of angular and circular designs.   All the designs are either polished or matte.  The highly stone-polished surface creates a strong visual distinction between the matte and polished surfaceNote as well the style of carving, which has a beveled appearance to the angle of the cuts into the clay. This is a very distinctive style of carving for his pottery.    The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Harrison ’23”.