Borts-Medlock, Autumn – “Avanyu” Bronze with Stand 11/35

30" long x 4"w x 6.5"h (in stand)

$ 6,200.00

Autumn Borts-Medlock is known for her creative carved pottery.  As well, she has created some dynamic pieces in bronze over the past few years. This bronze is entitled, “Avanyu”. The bronze depicts an avanyu design with a lightning bolt coming out of the avanyu’s mouth. The avanyu is a classic design in Santa Clara representing a water serpent and the Rio Grande river. This piece is number 11 of 35. The piece has a bronze coloration on it and sits on a metal stand so there are two pieces.  The depth of the coloration and the stand make this piece striking in person!  It is signed “Autumn Borts-Medlock and numbered on the bottom.