Curran, Dolores – Incised Plate with Dragonflies and Avanyu

3.75" diameter

$ 850.00

Dolores Curran creates intricately incised and painted pottery.  She was inspired to create these red polychrome incised and painted by her husband, Alvin Curran.  He was known for his incised San Juan style pottery in the 1990’s.  This plate is exceptionally intricate in design.  The front has a water serpent etched around the rim.  The center is a complex square pattern which has four plants on each side.  Note both the precision of the incised designs but also how she used clay slips in the incised area to help accentuate the imagery!  The rim is fully polished red and the back is equally as complex with dragonflies, stylized birds, and flowers.  Again it is deeply incised, which is surprising for all the work that is also on the front!  There are both matte and micaceous clays used throughout. The mica adds a bit of “sparkle” to the designs.  The plate may be small but it is amazingly complex in design and color for its size!  Includes shipping and lucite plate stand.