Da, Tony – Red Jar with Avanyu and Lid (1978-9) (Tony Da book p. 110)

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Stunning!  This is an exceptional lidded jar by Tony Da.  The jar is from 1978-9, as it was only after 1977 that he began to use the black as part of the slip colors. The jar is fully polished red and has an avanyu etched into the clay.  There are two inset pieces of turquoise.  There is a piece of turquoise for the horn of the avanyu and one in the bear paw in front of the tongue.  Note the complexity of the design as the jar is turned.  There is an additional bear paw etched near the neck of the jar above the head of the avanyu.  While the jar is striking, it is the lid that is extraordinary and iconic for Tony’s pottery.  The lid is sculpted with ten rounded extensions, each with an inset piece of turquoise.  The top of the lid is fully carved through with a triangular piece remaining and inset on both sides with turquoise.  There is also the black clay slip in addition to the deep red.  Both the jar and the lid are signed on the bottom in the clay, “DA”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  Over the course of his career, he said that he only created about 30 pieces a year!  The pottery of Tony Da remains an important addition to any collection!

“I make only about 30 pots a year. That’s fewer than most Indian potters, but mine take so much time that’s all I can do. I try to combine tradition and contemporary design in a unique way, no matter what the medium.”  Tony Da (1972), Spoken Through Clay

“It is rare to witness the artistic arc of a potter with such a short career yet incredible artistic longevity. Tony Da is that rare exception of an artist who broke every barrier in the art, pushed the medium so far beyond its limitations, and yet, as of today, few artists are yet able to match the technical sophistication and aesthetic he was attempting to create.”  Charles S. King, Spoken Through Clay