de la Cruz, Juan and Lois Gutierrez – “Butterfly Dance” Jar

13"w x 13.5"h

$ 7,200.00

WOW!  This is an exceptional large jar by Juan de la Cruz.  He creates complex painted polychrome pottery.  He is a son of noted potter Lois Gutierrez.  Lois made the jar and Juan, who is noted for his illustrations, painted the design using natural clay slips. The jar is fully designed with imagery across the surface.  There are four dancers and a stylized Butterfly Maiden.  The jar has some amazing detail that Juan paints with clay onto the clay vessel!   Juan wrote of the scene he painted as follows:

“Upon the surface of this piece is depicted the flowing dance motions of the butterfly dance.  Streaming through and between the dancers are representations of the butterfly itself, performing its ministry of pollination among the flowers”.

The jar is truly polychrome (more than three colors of clay).  Note the intricacy and detail in the various designs. Below the shoulder are large butterflies.   While Juan is new to the pottery world, he recently won “Best of Pottery” at Gallup Ceremonials in 2017 and again in 2019.  He has been featured in articles in Cowboys & Indians Magazine and Native Art Magazine in 2018.