de la Cruz, Juan – “Pueblo Warriros” Polychrome Water Jar

9"w x 9.5"h

$ 3,600.00

Juan de la Cruz creates complex painted polychrome pottery.  He is a son of noted potter Lois Gutierrez.  Juan is noted for his paintings and illustrations and takes his talent to the clay using all-natural clay slips to create the designs!  This jar has a more classic storage jar shape with around sides and a short neck. The jar is truly polychrome (more than three colors of clay).  Note the intricacy of the painted designs and the flow of imagery across the piece.  This piece features six figures, five male and one female warrior.  Note the old-style avanyu around the neck of the piece.  The detail in the shields and the figures are quite extraordinary.  It’s amazing to think about how he paints with clay on the surface of a clay vessel and how quickly it dries and how unforgiving it is to error. 

Juan wrote about this piece:

From clay-plastered walls to the curved surface of this pottery; the shield warrior motif I’ve painted onto this piece draws inspiration from the ancient kiva murals.  I’ve tried to capture and reinterpret the dynamic sense of movement that is translated by these ancient figures, arrayed with their many shield patterns.

The description is written on the back of a hand-painted watercolor graphic.  His paintings are a phenomenal addition to each piece of his work.  The painting helps to better understand how exceptional Juan is with his art.   Juan recently won “Best of Pottery” at Gallup Ceremonials in 2017 AND 2019!  He has been featured in articles in Cowboys & Indians Magazine and Native Art Magazine in 2018.  We are excited about his upcoming installation in our Santa Fe Gallery in May 2022.