Duwyenie, Preston – “Shards” Black Water Jar with 31 Silver Insets

11.5"w x 13.75"h

$ 6,000.00

This is an exquisite water jar by Preston Duwyenie.  The water jar is made from micaceous clay and fired black.  The multiple layers of micaceous clay slip on the surface give the jar a metallic appearance.  The shape is a classic double shoulder water jar with a fluted rim.   Preston has cast 31 silver “shards” against cuttlefish bone.  Each “shard” is then cut and a space carved into the clay before the jar is fired.  After it is fired, each piece is then put into the jar and he etches around the silver. Each silver piece has the appearance of “shifting sands”, much in a similar style to the pottery where he has carved a shifting sand pattern.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay with Preston’s hallmark, which means “carried in beauty”.  There is certainly something both modern and ancient about this striking piece!   Preston is from Third Mesa at Hopi and taught ceramics for years at the Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA) in Santa Fe.  He is married to pottery Debra Duwyenie and now resides at Santa Clara Pueblo.  Preston has won numerous awards for pottery, including “Best of Show” at the Heard Indian Market.  The jar has an honorable mention ribbon from the 1998 Santa Fe Indian Market.