Duwyenie, Preston – Silver Shifting Sand Design Lid Black Micaceous Seedpot

2.75"w x 2"h (w/lid)

$ 650.00

Preston Duwyenie is renowned for his elegant pottery which is often highlighted with silver medallions.  This seedpot is made from micaceous clay and fired black.  The sparkle on the surface comes from the mica clay slip.  The lid is cast from cuttlefish bone so there is a “shifting sand” design on both sides.  The lid has a shifting sand design on the top and it is cut into a triangular shape.  Note the curve of the lid that perfectly fits the shape of the seedpot!  Preston makes the lid fit perfectly into the seedpot.  Both the lid and the seedpot are signed on the bottom with Preston’s hallmark.  It is a woman carrying a child on her back, which is also Preston’s Hopi name, which means “carried in beauty”.  Preston is from Third Mesa at Hopi and taught ceramics for years at the Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA) in Santa Fe.  He is married to pottery Debra Duwyenie and now resides in Santa Clara Pueblo.  Preston has won numerous awards for pottery, including “Best of Show” at the Heard Indian Market.

“Why the shifting sand designs? Preston says he remembers watching a smooth pebble caught in sand being shifted by the wind, “there was beauty in its isolation within the sea of sand. It was like an island.  The endless sands of time, and the fact that people, too are tossed about by the wind. There is always rippling in our lives”.