Edaakie, Tim & Bobby Silas – 11″ Tall Zuni Olla with Geometric Designs (2014)

14"w x 11"h

$ 2,100.00

This is a large Zuni olla by Tim Edaakie and Bobby Sila.  They created pieces together with Bobby making the pottery and Tim painting the designs. Tim was Zuni while Bobby is Hopi and their pottery was created to envision historic pottery shapes and designs.  Sadly, Tim passed away in 2020.  This might be one of the largest and most intricately painted of their pieces that I have seen.  The jar itself has a classic Zuni form with an indented bottom (to wear on the head) and a slight dip at the shoulder. The rim is thin and slightly turned out.  While the jar is striking, it is the painting that is captivating and certainly Tim at his very best.  The neck of the jar has Zuni rainbirds and floral motifs.  They are accented with thin, red lines.  Below the shoulder are two larger sections with a diamond shape in the center.  Extending from the shape are cloud designs with intricate patterns.  As the jar is turned, there are additional and more elaborate floral designs.  Small rainbirds extend out from the center and edges of the imagery.  The use of the red and black colorations adds to the dramatic appearance of the designs.  Tim created large designs that fill up the space and yet leave open areas to draw the eye back to the intricacies of his painting, not overwhelm the viewer.  All the colors are from natural clay slips. They certainly captured the essence of the large Zuni jar and yet, Tim gave it his own spectacular designs. It is signed on the bottom, “T. Edaakie  B. Silas, 2014”. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.