Edaakie, Tim & Bobby Silas – 14″ Wide Zuni Bowl with Heartline Deer (2015)

14"w x 5.75"h

$ 1,500.00

This is a large and classic Zuni bowl by Tim Edaakie and Bobby Sila.  They created pieces together with Bobby making the pottery and Tim painting the designs. Tim was Zuni while Bobby is Hopi and their pottery was created to envision historic pottery shapes and designs.  Sadly, Tim passed away in 2020.  This is a large open bowl made by Bobby and painted by Tim. The bowl has a wide, open shape with a flaring rim.  The inside rim of the bowl has stars.  The bowl has three large heartline deer in the center with an additional larger floral design. The outside of the bowl is also fully painted with rain, cloud, and lightning designs.  All the colors are from natural clay slips. They certainly captured the essence of the large Zuni bowl and yet, Tim gave it his own style with the thin red lines and the stars. It is signed on the bottom, “T. Edaakie  B. Silas, 2015”. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.