Edaakie, Tim – “Swirling Clouds” Open Bowl (2019)

11"w x 5"h

$ 875.00

Tim Edaakie was a grandson of jewelers Dennis and Nancy Edaakie.  In 2019 he was awarded the prestigious “Native Artist Fellow” at the School of Advanced Research in Santa Fe, NM.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020.  He was working to revive traditional Zuni pottery methods, forms, and designs with a focus on the transition from Matsaki to A:shiwi styles.  This bowl is inspired by historical Four Mile Polychrome pottery that was made around 1175-1450 in the Cibola area west of Zuni Pueblo.  The bowl is coil-built and made from red clay. The interior is painted with large, swirling cloud designs.  The exterior is painted with white clay and has interlocking cloud and mountain patterns.  It is signed on the back, “Edaakie  2019”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.

A bit more about Four Mile Polychrome pottery…

“The final evolutionary stage of White Mountain Red Wares is witnessed in the advent of Four Mile Polychrome (ca.  A.D. 1300 to 1400) when white paint was incorporated into design elements on the interior of bowls and on the exterior of vessel forms.  Innovative asymmetrical compositions were also developed in Four Mile, and design elements such as mosquito bar hatch fill and negative painting borrowed from Kayenta ceramic types became common . . . Four Mile Polychrome are found in concentration below the Mogollon Rim between Cherry Creek on the west, Cedar Creek on the east, and southward nearly to the upper Salt River.  This concentration is east of the Tonto Basin and Salado heartland.”  Moulard, 2002