Fields, Anita – “Dragonfly Dreams” Boat (4 Pieces)

21" long x 5.5"w x 8"h (top of the house)

$ 2,000.00

This is a clay boat by Anita Fields.  She says her boats are about carrying our dreams. This boat is made from clay and has 2 dragonflies on the bow.  In the center, there is a house, also made from clay.  The “roof” of the house is made of cloth.  There is also a clay bundle that sits in front of the house.  The bundle is what carries one’s dreams.  The cloth roof of the house had a photo of an Osage wedding dress in the material.  It is a large and complex piece.  It is from 1998, and surprisingly, a piece that Anita had put back in her own storage and just recently found!   It is signed on the bottom:  “Anita Fields”  

“I have a choice…There is a time for each of us to step up and be apart of the culture.”  Anita recognizes there is a powerful connection that is made for her through cultural teachings.  [Her] hand formed ceramic works led to references found in the Osage genesis narratives.”  Anita Fields, Fluent Generations