Fields, Anita – “Floating to Earth” Dress

15.5"w x 23"h

$ 5,000.00

This is a large clay dress by Anita Fields.  The piece is slab built and painted with textured designs on the surface.  It is white on a black surface with gold leaf stars and figures.  Anita said of this piece:

“This dress is telling our story.  The distorted writing is about distortion of our history.  How it’s always told from one side and distorted. It’s about us telling our own stories.  What I do with the clay is creating an opportunity to tell things like I see them.  The figures on the back, are the creation stores.  Our creation story tells that we come from the stars.  This is our floating down to earth. The dress represents the female.  The dresses convey my attitudes toward the strength of women and how native peoples show remarkable resourcefulness and adaptability toward their environment. The clothing Indian women created shows great pride, dignity, and hope in a culture facing insurmountable odds.”  Anita Fields

It is a striking piece with complex designs and colorations, including the gold leaf areas.   It is signed on the bottom, “Anita Fields”  

“I have a choice…There is a time for each of us to step up and be apart of the culture.”  Anita recognizes there is a powerful connection that is made for her through cultural teachings.  [Her] hand formed ceramic works led to references found in the Osage genesis narratives.”  Anita Fields, Fluent Generations