Fields, Anita – “Water Protectors Series ” Large Clay Figure

15"h tall

$ 1,850.00

We are pleased to have new work from Anita Fields.  These are the first new pieces since 2020, due to the pandemic and her museum obligations.  This is a larger-size clay figure by Anita Fields.  All her larger clay figures are part of her “Water Protector” series about the Dakota Access pipeline protests.  Anita commented that it was women who began as the Water Protectors and her son, Yatika, was involved in the protests in 2016.  The figure is coil built and slipped with various clays, and gold luster.  The figures are meant to be hung on a wall or can have a stand made.  Each figure is painted with different designs. This figure has gold luster hair and feet.  There is handmade paper around the center with painted designs.  It is signed on the back, “Anita Fields”.  Anita said of this piece:

“My clay female figures are a culmination of all my clay work. The tell different parts of the Osage story. I often use textiles as well as clays for the bodies.  The “clothing” convey my attitudes toward the strength of women and how native peoples show remarkable resourcefulness and adaptability toward their environment. The clothing Indian women created shows great pride, dignity, and hope in a culture facing insurmountable odds.  I have a choice…There is a time for each of us to step up and be apart of the culture.”  Anita recognizes there is a powerful connection that is made for her through cultural teachings.  [Her] hand formed ceramic works led to references found in the Osage genesis narratives.”  Anita Fields, Fluent Generations