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Folwell, Jody – “Hopi Snake Dance” Vessel

Folwell, Jody – “Hopi Snake Dance” Vessel

15\" long x 7\"w x 11\"h
$ 7,250.00
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Spectacular!  This is phenomenal vessel by Jody Folwell for the show, “Peering Through Taos Light”. This piece was inspired by an E.I Couse painting entitled, “Moki Snake Dance”. Jody took the idea to a masterful level. The vessel itself was fully coil built. She then wet the top and bottom so that the clay dissolved.  The remaining piece was then fired.  Jody said that she wanted to create a appearance of the piece being a piece of masonry or an old adobe brick, from a wall at Hopi.  Given the shape she created, she then painted her version of the Couse “Snake Dance” painting on one side.  The opposite side has a Hopi bird pattern. The form, concept and color all work perfectly on this piece. It is signed..well, it is signed on the painting, of course!

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