Folwell, Susan – “Corn Maiden” Tile (Victor Higgins)

3"x 6"h

$ 650.00

This a creative tile by Susan Folwell is part of her “Taos Light” series.  She is one of the exciting innovators in Pueblo pottery.  Beginning in 2017, Susan Folwell began a series of clay pieces inspired by and re-interpreting the Taos Society of Artists’ work from 1915-27.  The design of this tile is inspired by cellular phones.  The piece is made from clay and carved for the relief portion of the “button” and edge of the frame.  The piece is entitled “Corn Maiden”. It is inspired by a painting by Victor Higgins. The woman is carrying a basket on her head and it is filled with corn. There is a lot of color in the ears of corn.  Note the top left with the battery life in red, symbolizing that this a way of life that is nearly gone.  It is signed on the back, “Susan Folwell”.  The piece comes with a metal cell phone stand to hold the tile.