Folwell, Susan – “Kodak Moment” 2 Piece Clay Set

4"w x 6.5"h "cannister" 10.5" long x 3"h "Film"

$ 2,200.00

This is one of the most extraordinary clay pieces we have had from Susan.  It is part of her new, “Taos Light: Monochrome” series.  She is one of the exciting innovators in Pueblo pottery.  Beginning in 2017, Susan Folwell began a series of clay pieces inspired by and re-interpreting the Taos Society of Artists’ work from 1915-27.  It is two pieces, both clay. There are the “Kodak film canister and the “roll of film. The canister is made with an opening on one side. The clay “film” is painted on both sides and has a “hook” so that it can sit into the opening on the canister.  Amazing, the piece can be placed both vertically and horizontally.  No matter which way it goes or sits, it stands out!

So, now on to the imagery!  As part of the Taos Light series, we have a graphic of EI Couse’s “Planting Prayer Plumes” on the wall (Courtesy-Sharp Historic Site).  That is the third to last photo (blue-green coloration).  One of his most often used models was Jerry “Elkfoot” Mirabal.  We have a photographic reproduction of Jerry looking at one of Couse’s paintings of himself (courtesy the Tia Collection).  Of course, Susan’s entire “Taos Light” series is based on a native artist re-interpreting the work of the mostly male and anglo Taos Society of Artists.  The imagery on “Kodak Moment” brings it full circle, with Susan looking at Jerry who is looking at a Couse painting on his cell phone!  Kinda Genius! Everything flows together perfectly in both form and concept.  It is signed on the “film” roll.

Susan says of this series:

“This is a series I’ve just started working on.  During this time when you can’t leave your house it is your “virtual vacation”.   Each clay tile is carved as a “cell phone” and then painted. My “Taos Light: Monochrome” serires are inspired by black-and-white photogrpahy of early Taos artists painters work found in book. As well, there is a photo of Jerry Mirabal, a frequest model for EI Couse, looking at a photo of a Couse painting.  That photogrpah set me on the course of inspiration for this series.

Susan Folwell: Taos Light / Pueblo Perspectives